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Wheelie Bar for the Traxxas Revo. This Wheelie Bar is made to hold up the most punishing power wheelies. The two main aluminum struts are supported by the X Bar. This X Bar provides maximum supports durring the most powerful wheelies. Unlike any other wheelie bar on the market this one features wheels with ball bearings for maximum durability and less drag for longer length wheelies. This wheelie bar prevents the front wheels from lifting off the ground under heavy acceleration, or can be adjusted to ride wheelies all the way down the street.

FEATURES: Polished Aluminum construction & wheels, 4 ball bearings and stainless steel screws.

REQUIRES: Assembly onto Revo

SPECS: Length from Center of Wheel to first Mounting Hole: 3.85" Height of Brace Bars: 1.00" Thickness of Brace: .20" Diameter of Wheels: .85"


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